This Is Parkinson’s

This Is Parkinson’s


This Is Parkinson’s

Photography by Anders M. Leines

We met Anders and his team at the World Parkinson’s Congress in Portland in October 2016. His is a photographer with Parkinson’s who is trying to change the perception of People with Parkinson’s.  Instead of a withered up old guy all bent over, he wants to be realistic.  So, he has photographed people from all walks of life that have Parkinson’s.

Here is a promo video that he made about his project:

“THIS IS PARKINSONS” WPC 2016 Promo from Anders M. Leines on Vimeo.

He also has a Flicker website: This is Parkinson’s – the images

He has a longer screen version of the video (9 min 40 sec) here:

“This Is Parkinsons” – screen version from Anders M. Leines on Vimeo.

Here is a link to a story on Anders in Parkinson’s Life Magazine:

“These Photos Could Change The Way The World Sees Parkinson’s Forever”

Donate to Anders on Facebook and help him in his efforts to make a difference!