New Book – Faces of Parkinson’s: Global Reflections


Lily and I are actually featured in this new book on Parkinson’s. We each separately wrote our own brief essay on our personal experiences with Parkinson’s and each was accepted for the book. We hope many of you will purchase the book because the funds will help the next World Parkinson’s Congress in Kyoto, Japan in 2019! Buy the book for $18 at the World Parkinson Coalition Online Book Store

Here is the announcement from the World Parkinson Coalition about the new book: “Faces of Parkinson’s: Global Reflections”

TIP: Go to the World Parkinson Coalition Online Bookstore to get and early bird price $12 for the new book described here.

WPC is excited to announce the publication of “Faces of Parkinson’s: Global Reflections” a NEW book highlighting individuals living with Parkinson’s, clinicians, care partners, researchers, and advocates from 14 countries.  Photos were taken at the 4th World Parkinson Congress and compiled into a moving book full of stories about tenacity, love, overcoming challenges, triumphs, joys, and fears. 

The WPC philosophy is to bring the community together to expedite our understanding of Parkinson’s and push for innovative collaborations so we can more quickly create better care options and ultimately find a cure. We believe that the Parkinson’s community is stronger when it works together and so we chose to highlight a diverse range of community members who are touched by PD and to showcase how we impact each other and how our efforts are entwined.

This beautiful book would make an excellent addition to any personal library or book shelf.

Individuals with Parkinson’s speak of the profound ways the disease has impacted their lives.

“I try to use this challenge as a tool for self-growth, as an impetus to stretch my spiritual muscles and to focus on the important things in my life: my family, my community, and the Parkinson’s community.”debbie-shapiroDebbie Shapiro, Person with Parkinson’s, Israel

Clinicians, researchers, and advocates share how they became inspired to devote their careers to helping people with Parkinson’s.

“I simply could not sit back and imagine another family going through the same hardships. I needed to educate people on the existence of Parkinson’s disease and change the negative perception of PD in Kenya.”hellen-mwithigaHellen Mwithiga, Advocate, Kenya

Care partners reveal how much heartbreak, love, and patience goes into helping someone they love live with PD. 

“The biggest lesson for me in this journey is this: Be empowered by your own abilities to seek a solution.”lily-luiLily Liu, Care Partner, United States 

Order a copy of this moving publication today. It a perfect and unique gift for yourself, your friend, your doctor, your student or anyone touched by Parkinson’s. For someone who wants to understand the realities of PD, this book  with it’s nearly 65 stories, is an excellent way to understand a disease that is often misunderstood.

Order a copy today, before they are gone.

We are grateful to our sponsor, Acorda Therapeutics, which made the publication of this book possible.


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