Living with Parkinson’s (PBS)

“Living With Parkinson’s” (released April 2014) – A documentary mainly about an Irishwoman with Parkinson’s who attends the World Parkinson’s Congress (WPC) 2013 in Montreal. It focuses mostly on Margaret “Mags” Mullarney and her way of life in Dublin, Ireland, and at WPC 2013.  Steve DeWitte, from Connecticut, is also featured quite a few times in the documentary. My wife Lily and I are in a small bit of the video too.  One section we are talking about how we are looking at the link of my toxic chemical exposure in the Air Force to some of the cause of my Parkinson’s.  In another part Steve and I, along with his friend who lost her husband to complications from Parkinson’s, all talk about taking care of our Care Partner’s, and doctor’s care for Parkinson’s patients, hospital communication, etc. Much of the documentary covers what was discussed at the World Parkinson’s Conference. The documentary provides a snapshot of some of the significant aspects of the conference.

Here is a brief clip from the documentary with Steve, Lily, Brian, and others:

The PBS documentary was produced by CPBN (PBS in Hartford, Conn) and aired on most PBS stations in 2014.  It is produced by Emily Bernard and Bailey Prior. The DVD can be purchased for $19.99 at

There is a shorter documentary with the same name produced in Sacramento, CA. and features former Sacramento Kings power forward, Brian Grant (who also has Parkinson’s).