Lily’s Cancer

In August 2015 Lily noticed that she had a lump above her breast.  In October she had surgery to remove the lump and some lymph nodes.  They conducted what is called an Oncatype test to compare the DNA of the cancer with her DNA and see what the likelihood of the cancer reoccurring is.  Her Oncatype score was literally off the charts.  With no treatments she had an 89% chance of the cancer coming back.  With her surgery, then chemo treatments, and then extended radiation therapy, followed by pills for at least the next ten years, her chances of recurrence reduced to 9%!


pic-of-lilys-cancer-story CLICK TO READ WHOLE STORY – Nevada Appeal Story on Lily’s Cancer that they got from our Facebook Page

Our family, friends, and community showed us such humbling and sincere support.  Honestly, we felt so incredibly humbled by the immediate and consistent ways in which so many people supported us.

Here are photos of some of the “events” during her surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. Lily was and continues to be very brave, strong, and steadfast.  At the same time, she feels weak, sad, and concerned. It’s not an easy path where you are always at your best. There are times where you are just beat down physically and or mentally. And, once you have cancer, you always have cancer.  You may beat it, but it continues to be a concern. The best way to stay positive is to openly confront the disease, the fears, the struggles, and the depression. Talk with your loved ones as openly and honestly as possible. It is a constant effort.