Hospitalization and PD

Here is a list of sites and the information they provide to help when a person wit Parkinson’s needs to be in the hospital for any length of time:
Managing Parkinson’s disease symptoms while being hospitalized with non-PD related conditions
PD and Hospitalization. What is an Aware in Care Kit?
Precautions Regarding Hospitalization
Use/avoid certain Medications: for patients who are to be sedated or require treatment for agitation or confusion. List of medications provided.
Deterioration of Parkinson’s disease during hospitalization: survey of 684 patients
Incorrect medication and infections are the important risk factors for deterioration of Parkinson’s disease patients both for admissions with and without surgery and both for admissions on neurological and non-neurological wards. Measures should be taken to improve care and incorporated in guidelines.
Going to the Hospital with Parkinson’s: How to Be Prepared
Managing PD in the Hospital, Be Prepared: Communication Is Key, Surgery and Anesthesia, Managing Medications, After Discharge, Conclusion: Educate, Communicate.
Management of the hospitalized patient with Parkinson’s disease: current state of the field and need for guidelines.
Educational programs, recommendations, and guidelines are needed to better train interdisciplinary teams in the management of the PD patient. These initiatives have the potential for both cost savings and improved outcomes from a preventative and a hospital management standpoint.
Reasons for admission to hospital for Parkinson’s disease.
Hospital Dangers for Patients with Parkinson’s

People with Parkinson’s are hospitalized much more frequently than others their age, and their stays last longer. A common reason: “These patients aren’t getting their meds on time, and they’re not getting the right meds,” Dr. Okun said.

Five Frequently Asked Questions About Hospitalization for Parkinson’s Patients (Click to download document)
Hospitalization can be stressful for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers. This document answers five of the most frequently asked questions that people with Parkinson’s have about hospitalization.