Welcome to our community Parkinson’s website.  By the word “community”, we mean for anyone who has or know someone who has Parkinson’s, not just our local community.  Though this website is primarily designed for our local Parkinson’s awareness and advocacy group, we hope the information here will be good for anyone in the world.

In 2008, Brian was was in a bad car accident.  While he was stopped, waiting to turn left, he was rear-ended by a car coming around a nearly blind-turn while going over 60 mph.  That traumatic brain injury, along with toxic exposure during his time in the U.S. Air Force are the best known contributors to his early onset Parkinson’s.  It took three years to diagnose because they said he was too young for Parkinson’s. Brian was able to continue his most beloved career as a high school technology teacher at Carson High School until November 2014.

In 2015, Lily, Brian’s wife, was diagnosed with a very aggressive  breast cancer. She ended up going through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and is now on pill treatments.  She is in remission and is slowly overcoming the many effects that she had to deal with from all of the treatments.  Lily just retired for her job at Carson High School and is getting back more to herself these days.

Becoming co-directors of our Parkinson’s awareness and advocacy group seems to be a big challenge for us.  At the same time, we have been to two Parkinson’s World Congresses, a Davis Phinney Foundation Conference, and an early onset conference.  Brian is also a patient at the Sunnyvale Parkinson’s Institute (in Sunnyvale, California) and has learned a lot through some amazing doctors there. Aside from teaching experience, Brian also has prior leadership experience with youth and adult church groups in his past. Together we feel we can bring a lot of new things to the group.

What we see as the path to having a successful Parkinson’s awareness and advocacy group is to share ideas as to what things are possible for us all, and then as a group we share ideas as to what everyone wants and/or needs from the group.  We see who can contribute what, and we grow from there.  It’s essential to both of us that we help facilitate what the group wants first and foremost.

This website will be in pursuit of benefiting our group, and at the same time, we think what we do for our small community, may be good for the Parkinson’s Community as a whole.  We look forward to all of the feedback possible.  Feel free to make comments on our Contact Us page.