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Photo taken for the book: “Faces of Parkinson’s”

Brian & Lily Reedy are from Carson City, Nevada. They are two people who want to help others live their best lives, especially when confronted with adversity. They believe everybody has something. They also believe no one person’s adversity can be measured or compared to another. It all depends on what one has had to deal with in their life that makes adversities more or less challenging for them.

Brian has been living with Parkinson’s disease since 2009. He had to retire from a high school teaching career that he passionately loved. He now sees his advocacy work as being a teacher once again. He’s also learned that a more active and positive life allows him to thrive when dealing with a slowly degenerative neurological disease.  One thing Brian has found that helps relieve his pain and keep a positive attitude is  Laughter Yoga!

Lily survived Breast Cancer in 2015.  Her cancer was very aggressive and she had to retire from her work in the school district while battling it. In August 2018 the breast cancer metastasized into her liver. She now has stage 4 cancer. They have recently found a therapy that is currently shrinking the tumors. They focus on this continuing to happen and believe new treatments are coming in the near future. 

They both have incurable diseases. They don’t focus on that. Instead, they find great purpose in sharing and giving to others. They both also have a healthy sense of humor and of life. When it was brought to their attention that they both have incurable disease they joked that they are finally part if the IN-club.  (Maybe it should be said they often have a corny sense of humor.)

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Brian & Lily started traveling all over to conferences on Parkinson’s. They have attended the 2013 and 2016 World Parkinson’s Congresses, been to conferences for Young Onset Parkinson’s and quite a few Davis Phinney Victory Summits. They have participated in the Unity Walk in Central Park, part of the San Francisco Marathon with Team Parkinson, and they have become advocates for healthy living with this disease.

They have appeared in the WPC book, “Faces of Parkinson’s” and have also appeared in the 2014 PBS Documentary “Living With Parkinson’s”.  They are both featured in the book and accompanying videos in the Every Victory Counts Manual (provided to anyone free from the Davis Phinney Foundation).

Aside from running their local Parkinson’s support groups, they are also volunteer ambassadors for the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s Ambassadors. In 2018, Brian & Lily went to the Parkinson’s Policy Forum in Washington DC. They were able to meet with their state legislators and help advocate for Parkinson’s policies to help forward research and treatment of the disease. Brian is also an ambassador for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Recently the Parkinson’s Alliance shared Brian’s story of Parkinson’s.

They do presentations with various support groups on Life with Parkinson’s, Positivity in the face of Adversity, Being an Effective Care Partner, Laughter Yoga, and other related topics.

On this website they try to inform people about what is going on with Parkinson’s locally and nationally. They are now starting to learn about cancer and hope to add some wonderful resources for much of that.

More than anything though, they want to encourage people to see that with any adversity that a person will encounter, there is always a choice. Experience with the wrong choices brought on even more adversity. They do not choose positivity out of some Pollyanna approach to life. It’s been a school of hard knocks education on the value of positivity.

Brian now loves to teach laughter yoga because he sees how great it really is for everyone.  Brian first learned about laughter yoga at the 2013 World Parkinson’s Congress in Montreal. Peter Davison, a person with Parkinson’s, was teaching it.  He used it in the classroom while he was still teaching. Since Lily’s metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, Brian has rediscovered the beauty of laughter yoga and now wants to literally spread the joy! 

So, take a look at the pages they have. Please note that Brian is no longer the technical guru he once was, so bear with some of the slow updates, etc. please let them know what you like and what can be improved.

Their closing thought is, the best way to make a positive difference in this world is to try not to judge people in our daily lives.  It’s easy to be kind to nice people. Really make a difference and try to be kind to the negative ones!  Really! You never know what is going on in their life. It could be they just lost a family member, are struggling with money, have an “invisible” disease, or are just jerks. Any which way, a pleasant smile mostly has a better effect than a growl or angry face back at them. It’s just a lot better to run on positive energy than on negative! It takes a lot of work and sometimes we just can’t do it, but we never stop trying! Like Davis Phinney says, Every Victory Counts!

Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

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