What is Care Living 4 All About?

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When adversity hits, we have choices.

Choose to learn more and focus on what you can do and improve upon.

CareLiving For All!
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Care Living

Through life’s many challenges we have discovered that, no matter what, there really is a way of finding positives amongst it all; finding joy and laughter in the midst of pain and frustration, love when fear seems to be closing in, and faith when hopelessness tries to get a hold of us.


In 2008, at the age of 48, Brian started to show signs of Young Onset Parkinson’s. It took three years to diagnose. He and his wife Lily started actively going to conferences and learning as much as they could about the disease. In 2014 he had to retire from his passion of being a high school teacher. In 2016 Brian and Lily became co-director’s of the Carson City Parkinson’s Awareness and Advocacy Group.

Breast Cancer

In August of 2015 Lily discovered a lump near her breast. In October that year they surgically removed the lump and lymph nodes. Lily had not been to the hospital for herself or sick in any significant way since tonsil removal as a teen.  A test revealed that her cancer was highly aggressive and had an 89% chance of reoccurring. Through the surgery, chemo therapy, extended radiation, and medication, her chances are now 9%.  She continues to deal with difficult side effects. She is now retired and working on healing and helping others.


We have very positive attitudes. Not that we are just stuck on cliches and nice thoughts.  We’ve been knocked down and humbled by life in so many ways.  We have made bad choices and struggled to find some good. What we have learned through trial and error is there really are choices to everything that happens to us. And, without a doubt, there is a positive to everything that happens.  It’s tough to find sometimes, it takes time, but they are there.  They are genuine. They are the things that strengthen us and give us more hope!

This website is an ever-growing effort.  It is designed with the idea of helping people with adversity (the one with it, as well as friends and family) to learn ways of getting more informed, becoming advocates for better care, and always, taking care of yourself so that you have more to give again!